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Cornell University

Mental Health at Cornell

Resources for student & campus well-being

Mental Health at Cornell

This website is intended to support the mental health and well-being of Cornell University students, staff, and faculty with a wide range of resources. Our Mental Health Framework helps guide campus programming, services, systems, and strategies, and invites engagement from all members of the Cornell community.

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Academic Well-being

These tips and resources will help you set yourself up for academic success all year long.

Two students hug and laugh in front of rainbow flag

Social Connections

Discover new ways to navigate the social scene, make connections, and build a Cornell community.

Grad student at work

For Graduate & Professional Students

Boundaries between work and life can be especially blurry for Graduate and Professional students. Learn about care and support resources.

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Get Help Reaching Your Goals

Are you looking for motivation and peer support to help you stay on track with sleep, exercise, organization, or other goals? Consider signing up to be paired with an Accountability Buddy from the Learning Strategies Center!

Tim Marchell points to image of Cornell's Mental Health Framework

Campus Mental Health Framework

Cornell’s comprehensive Mental Health Framework includes every member of the community. It also served as the foundation for the campus Mental Health Review. 

Student walks through an outdoor hazing prevention installation on the Arts Quad

Help Prevent Hazing

Joining a group, team, or organization should never compromise someone’s health, safety, or well-being. There are lots of great ways to create healthy team cohesion and bonding without hazing.