Cornell University

Mental Health at Cornell

Resources for student & campus wellbeing

Ways Staff & Faculty Can Get Involved

View through window of snowy clocktowerEveryone has a role to play in supporting the health and well-being of the Cornell community. Faculty and Staff can help Cornell foster a healthy educational environment by:

  • Add a syllabus statement that acknowledges the importance of mental health and includes campus resources.
  • Learn more about Cornell's Mental Health Review and its recommendations.
  • Consider becoming a guide for the campus Let's Meditate program.
  • Try some of the W.I.S.E. initiative best practices in the classroom, during advising sessions, or when mentoring students.
  • Sign up via Qualtrics to receive the weekly Thrive@Cornell Newsletter and share ideas with students.
  • Consider joining a Colleague Network Group (CNG). These groups are a great way to build your community and expand your connections at Cornell. Membership is open to Cornell faculty and staff and you can join multiple CNGs:
    • Cornell Disability Colleague Network Group
    • Cornell LGBTQ+ Colleague Network Group
    • Cornell Men of Color Colleague Network Group
    • Cornell Veterans Colleague Network Group
    • Cornell Women of Color Colleague Network Group
    • Cornell Young Professionals Colleague Network Group