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Mental Health at Cornell

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Mental Health Framework

Cornell’s "Mental Health Framework" guides the university’s campus-wide approach to mental health and well-being. It provides opportunities for every member of the campus community to contribute.

This comprehensive public health approach reflects the best practices advocated by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, The JED Foundation Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion, the US Air Force Suicide Prevention Program, and the Equity and Mental Health Framework developed by the JED Foundation in partnership with the Steve Fund to better support the mental health of students of color. Cornell Health’s Skorton Center for Health Initiatives provides details of the Mental Health Framework, as well as its history and application on campus.

Because the Mental Health Framework is the bedrock of Cornell’s prevention, intervention, and support efforts on campus, it also served as the foundation for the university’s Mental Health Review, conducted in 2019, and a frame for the 130 recommendations that were included in the Final Report of the Mental Health Review in 2020.